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Email Settings (for Autopilot)

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Email Settings (for Autopilot)

The Email Settings Settings (for Autopilot) is available from the settings of DriveWorks Autopilot.

The autopilot feature in DriveWorks Autopilot has the ability to automatically generate SOLIDWORKS models, send emails, and process specifications. Each of these three activities (or queues) can be turned on or off independently.

Queue Settings

Enable email sending

With this option checked emails will be sent through DriveWorks Autopilot.

Load Balancing

Load balancing is the ability to process tasks across multiple DriveWorks Autopilot machines.

Load balancing ensures that when a task is picked up to be processed by one DriveWorks Autopilot, then another DriveWorks Autopilot will not try and process the same task.

Load balancing is only supported on Shared Groups.


Tagging is the ability to target DriveWorks Autopilot to process a specific task.

See Autopilot for more information.

Maximum retries per email

This is the number of time DriveWorks Autopilot will attempt to send an email in the event of a mail send failure. This could be caused by the following:

  1. SMTP Server is unavailable.
  2. Incorrect username or password.

Mail Server Settings


This is the name of the SMTP server which will be used to send the email.

For example:

  • smtp.mycompany.com
  • smtp.gmail.com


This is the port number to use for outgoing mail.

25 is the standard port used for SMTP.

However some mail providers may only accept the following ports:

If a test email fails to send, and all other settings are correct, check with your system administrator as the port may have been blocked.

Requires SSL

Check this option to send emails using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Most mail providers require this to be checked.

An SSL connection helps protect email sent between the mail client and the server.

User Name

This is the username used to logon to the mail server.


This is the password used to logon to the mail server.

When using Gmail with 2FA see Two-factor authentication below.

Web Based Mail Providers

When using a web based mail provider (Gmail for example) the following settings may need to be applied in your web based mail provider security settings.

Less secure app access

Some email providers may require additional settings applied to allow DriveWorks Autopilot to send emails.

For instance, Gmail requires the Less secure app access setting to be turned on.

See Less secure apps & your Google Account for more information.

For other mail providers please check your account settings for a similar setting.

Two-factor authentication (or 2-Step Verification)

If the account has Two-factor authentication (also known as 2-Step Verification) an App Password will need to be generated in the mail account.

For Gmail:

  1. Go to the Security page for the Google Account the mail is to be sent from.
  2. In the Signing in to Google section click on App passwords (log in to the account to verify).
  3. Click Select app and choose Mail.
  4. Click Select device and choose Windows Computer.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Copy the App password and paste into the Password field of the Email Settings (for Autopilot) page.


The Port number, when using 2FA for Gmail is 587.

DriveWorks Quick Tips

DriveWorks Quick Tips: Setting Up An Email Server

Sending emails is a part of doing business. Sometimes it’s an email saying that a design is ready for production, other times it may be an email to a customer thanking them for their order. With DriveWorks Autopilot, these emails can be sent simply and automatically in the background, leaving you free to work on other tasks.

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