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DriveWorks Pro 22
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What's New Copy Project

DriveWorks Data Management allows Projects to be copied within the same group.


Step 1

Launch the DriveWorks Data Management Tool and log into the group that contains the project to be copied.

Select Projects from the task explorer and select the project to be copied from the Projects list.

Click the Copy Project button.

Step 2

From the Location field select the Browse button to select a destination for the copied project.

By default the name for the copied project will be the name of the destination folder selected above. This can be changed by entering the required name in the Name field.

Each project must have a unique name in the group

Step 3

By default any folders relative to the source project location will also be copied.

These can be de-selected by removing the check next to the folder name.

Click Finish

Step 4The copied project will be displayed in the projects list.