DriveWorks Pro 17: Date Picker [send feedback...]

Date Picker

The Date Picker is a form control that allows a date to be selected from an interactive calendar.

The Date Picker appears on a user form as in the image below:

When the user hovers over the control the icon will appear as in the image below:

Once the Date Picker is selected the calendar will pop out from the control, as in the image below:

Once a date is selected from the calendar this will be the value of the control.

The Date Picker control only supports a 100% zoom factor when viewed in a web browser.

Date Picker Properties

Appearance PropertiesBehavior Properties
Background ColorDate
CaptionDate (Override Rule)
Caption ColorDate Format
Caption FontDefault Value
Caption Horizontal AlignmentEnabled
FontError Result
Text ColorMaximum
Text Horizontal AlignmentMinimum
Tab Index
General PropertiesLayout Properties
(Name)Caption Width
Tooltip DurationLeft
Tooltip TextTop

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