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DriveWorks Pro 22

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DriveApps provide out of the box functionality to enhance and accelerate your use of DriveWorks.

DriveApps can be set up by your DriveWorks Administrator for use by them or by other users with the relevant permissions.

To install a DriveApp, please see DriveApp Administration.

Available DriveApps are displayed in this Stage.

Click on a DriveApp to run it.

If you are not an Admin and do not see the DriveApp you expect here, please contact your DriveWorks Administrator.


When a DriveApp has been added and enabled, a one time Initializing process is required.

Updates to DriveApps in future service packs or major versions of DriveWorks may also require the DriveApp to be re-initialized.

See Upgraded DriveApps below.

This will not impact any data or settings that have been applied to the DriveApp.

If a DriveApp needs initializing, you will see the image below in the main window.

To initialize the set up and run DriveApps, Disable Queries must not be checked.
  1. Select the DriveApp from the DriveApp stage in the Task Explorer.
  2. Click the Start SQL Setup button.
  3. Once set up is complete the log will be shown in the main window.

    Click the Open <DriveApp Name> button at the bottom of the log to open the DriveApp.

Microsoft Azure

DriveWorks v20 SP2 onwards support DriveApps being provisioned on an Azure database.

However, we have found Azure will default to a database that is over-provisioned and expensive to run.

We recommend you review the costs of the vCore purchasing model and select the model that matches your requirements.

We recommend switching this to the DTU based purchasing model, 10 DTU's is perfectly suitable for most scenarios

Upgraded DriveApps

When a DriveApp has been upgraded from a previous version of DriveWorks the database may require upgrading.

When this is required the DriveApp will display an Upgrade button in the main window.

Click this to upgrade the database.


DriveApps can be run from the DriveApps stage in the task explorer in any DriveWorks module.

  1. Select the DriveApp to run

  2. The DriveApp will launch in the main window.

Each DriveApp is ready to be run as soon as it is loaded but can also be configured and tailored to specific requirements.

The Integration Theme examples have been updated to show how DriveApps run in a browser.