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Returns a table of data for a specified object within Salesforce (e.g. Account, Contact, Opportunity).


SFGetObjectData([Object Name],[Field List],[Search Field],[Search Text],[Order By],[Connect to Salesforce])


Object Name is name of the object in Salesforce (e.g. Account, Contact).

Field List is a pipe bar (|) delimited list of fields for this object type to return. Must be valid fields.

Search Field is the field in which to search. Must be a valid text field.

Search Text is the text to search for in the search field.

Order By is the field name to order the results by. Must be a valid field.

Connect to Salesforce False to NOT connect, any other value to connect (Can be used to force a re-calculation).


SFGetObjectData("Account","Name|Type|BillingAddress|BillingPostalCode","Type","Prospect","Name",TRUE)Return all data in the specified fields that have Prospect in the Type field.
SFGetObjectData("Account","Name","Name","Raven Riders","Name",TRUE)Return all data in the Name field that has Raven Riders in the Name field.
For more information on permitted Object Names (Standard Objects) and the Standard Fields that are required, please see:

Salesforce SOAP API Developer Guide.