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Create Concentric Mate

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Create Concentric Mate

The Create Concentric Mate Generation Task will create a Concentric Mate, in an Assembly, between two Components using a named Face in a Model or an Axis.

This Generation Task requires named faces to exist in the models being mated.

Edges or planes cannot be used.

Also a Concentric Mate cannot be made between two Axes (SOLIDWORKS limitation).

Temporary Axis cannot be used as a reference.

The references must be made between either:

  • Two Named Faces
  • One Named Face and one Axis.

See How to Name and Write Rules for a Face or Plane in a SOLIDWORKS Part for more information about Naming and Writing Rules.


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
AlignedThe alignment type (TRUE = Aligned, FALSE = Anti-Aligned)
Lock Rotation Locks the rotation (TRUE = Locked, FALSE = Not Locked). The default is FALSE
Position Only Does not apply the mate (TRUE = Position Only, FALSE = Apply Mate). The default is FALSE
First ReferenceThe name of the first reference mating face or axis
First Reference TypeThe type of the first reference (Axis, Named Face)
Second ReferenceThe name of the second reference mating face or axis
Second Reference TypeThe type of the second reference (Axis, Named Face)


When this task is added the properties are both static and dynamic by default. See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
AlignedTRUETRUE TRUE set Alignment type to Aligned. FALSE would set this to Anti-Aligned.
Lock RotationTRUETRUE TRUE will Lock the Rotations not allowing the Component to rotate. FALSE will allow the Component to rotate.
Position OnlyFALSEFALSE FALSE will apply the Mate. Making this property TRUE will just place the Components but will not Mate them.
First Reference "RunningFace@Axle " &DWSpecificationId&"-1" RunningFace@Axle 9999-1The Name of the first reference Mating Face or Axis.
First Reference TypeNamed FaceNamed Face Named Face is the type of reference. Choice of Named Face or Axis.
Second Reference "CentralAxis@Bracket " &DWSpecificationId&"-1" CentralAxis@Bracket 9999-1The Name of the second reference Mating Face or Axis.
Second Reference TypeAxisAxis Axis is the type of reference. Choice of Named Face or Axis.
Rules for Face or Axis Names

When building the rule for the Face or Axis Names, they must reference the generated file name and not the master. The rule must be built in the form: [Face Name]@[Generated model name]-[Instance number].

If the Face or Axis is in the top level assembly, only the Face or Axis name is required.

The rule must include the instance number, even if there is only one instance of the component in the assembly.

Face or Axis Names can be multiple levels deep. For example, the rule:

[Face or Axis Name]@[Generated model name]-[Instance number]@[Generated sub sub assembly name]-[Instance number]@[Generated sub assembly name]-[Instance number]

would be valid.

To determine the exact address of the Mate Selections:

Manually mate the same entities in SOLIDWORKS and note the addresses given in the Mate Selections window.

When filling out the Entity Names it is important to remember to add a space after the end of your model name before your quote otherwise the task will not work. For example "Part "&DWSpecificationId .

For more information about Mate Alignment see Mate Alignment in the SOLIDWORKS Help file.

Generation Sequence

This Task can be added to the following Generation Sequence(s):

  • Pre Drive (will be run before the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Post Drive (will be run after the Main Drive Sequence)

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  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

The portal provides a search facility, start typing the name of the Tech Tip (as indicated above) to display the Tip you require.