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This function returns a number representing the day of the week.


WeekDay([Date],[Return Type])


Date is the date to return the weekday from

Return Type is a number representing the day in which the week starts

Return Type

Number returned
1 or Omitted Numbers 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday)
2Numbers 1 (Monday) through 7 (Sunday)
3Numbers 0 (Monday) through 6 (Sunday)
11Numbers 1 (Monday) through 7 (Sunday)
12Numbers 1 (Tuesday) through 7 (Monday)
13Numbers 1 (Wednesday) through 7 (Tuesday)
14Numbers 1 (Thursday) through 7 (Wednesday)
15Numbers 1 (Friday) through 7 (Thursday)
16Numbers 1 (Saturday) through 7 (Friday)
17Numbers 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday)



WeekDay(Today(),2)If this function is called on a Monday it will return 1 as the return type is set to start counting Monday as the first day (2)
WeekDay("10/08/2010")This will return 6 as the date given falls on a Friday and the return type omitted which will start counting Sunday as the first day.

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