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DriveWorks Pro 21
Specification Macros

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Copy/Paste Specification Macros

Specification Macros can be copied and pasted within the same project or across projects.

To Copy a Specification Macro:

  1. From DriveWorks Administrator open the Project that contains the Specification Macro to be copied.
  2. Select Specification Macros from the Task Explorer.
  3. Locate and select the Specification Macro to be copied from the Specification Macros list.
  4. Click the Copy button from the command bar.
  5. Open the Project where the Specification Macro is to be copied.
    Launch another session of DriveWorks Administrator and have the Source project open in one, and the destination project open in the other. Both groups can be viewed side by side on your screen.
  6. Select Specification Macro from the Task Explorer.
  7. Click the Paste button from the command bar.
    When the name of a copied Specification Macro already exists in the destination group, the name will be suffixed with an incremental number.

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