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DriveWorks Pro 22
Repair License

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Repair License

Repair License will attempt to repair a license that has become untrusted.

  1. Select Repair License from the License Details window.

    This will be Repair Selected from the Network License Server Licenses tab.

    If the selected license is trusted, the Repair button will not be available.
  2. The repair will begin instantly.

  3. Once the repair is complete the result is displayed.

  4. Click Finish to close the result window.

Repair Unsuccessful

In the event the repair is unsuccessful the result will be displayed as below.

Please see the following topics for additional steps that can be taken:

Fixed License

Please see How To: Troubleshoot Fixed Licenses for additional steps.

Floating License

Please see How To: Troubleshoot Floating Licenses for additional steps.

DriveWorks Live License

DriveWorks Live licenses that are untrusted and cannot be repaired will require technical assistance. Please contact your DriveWorks Reseller.