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Entities are additional features that can be added to a Node in a DriveWorks 3D Document. When added to a Node, an Entity provides the Node with further capabilities and behaviour.

Each Entity provides increased functionality to the Node they have been applied to. Combining Entities on a single Node will enhance the Nodes capability and quality of user interactivity

A combination of multiple Entities can be applied to a single Node however, you cannot add more than one of each Entity type per Node.

For example, if you added a Spot Light to a Node, then you would not be able to add another Spot Light to that Node.


Items from the Information Panel can be multi-selected by:

  • Shift + Left Mouse Click to multi-select consecutive items
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Click to multi-select individual items

Selected items will have common properties displayed in the Information Panel.

Values entered will be be applied to all selected items.

To Add an Entity

  1. Right click on a Node.
  2. Select Add Entity and select .
  3. Select the required Entity and it will add it to the Node.
Adding an Entity will remove it from the Add Entity list.

To Remove an Entity

  1. Right click on a Node.
  2. Select Remove Entity.
  3. Select the Entity to remove.
Removing an Entity will remove it from the Remove Entity list and add it back to Add Entity list.
All Entities on the remove list are in alphabetical order.

Cut Entity, Copy Entity

An Entity can be cut or copied from the Information Panel on the right hand side.

  1. Right click the Entity to be Cut or Copied.
  2. Select:
    • Cut Entity - will remove the Entity from the current node.
    • Copy Entity - will copy the Entity without removing it from the current node.

Cut or Copying Entities will copy all settings and rules applied to any parameters to the destination.

Pasting Cut or Copied Entities

  1. Select the destination Entity from the Feature Panel on the left.
  2. Right click anywhere in the Information Panel on the right.
  3. Select Paste Entity.

Entity Menu

The Entity menu is a categorized list of entities and will be displayed after following the steps "To Add an Entity":






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