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How To: Create Models To Be Used As Replacement Files (KB14050801)

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How To: Create Models To Be Used As Replacement Files

This topic shows how models, that can replace other models in an assembly, are created.

When using the Replace Components function in SOLIDWORKS it is important that the replacement model contains the same internal ID's that have been used to mate the original model.

To ensure each replacement has the same ID as the original follow the steps below:

  1. With the original model open in SOLIDWORKS select File>Save As, and save it with a new name so that it creates a copy.
  2. Alter this new file to be what the replacement file will be, without deleting any of the mating planes/surfaces.
Existing Replacements Do Not Have The Same Internal ID

If you have files that can be replaced but do not have the same internal ID, consider placing them in sub-assemblies.

Use the sub-assembly as the replacement file and perform a save as on this file to create all replacements.


Wherever possible use the common planes (Front, Top and Right) to mate the base part.


Test each model can be replaced without error manually in SOLIDWORKS.

  1. In SOLIDWORKS, select the File>Open menu to browse for the assembly that contains the model to be replaced.
  2. Select the assembly and then click the References... button.
  3. Double click the "Name" cell of the model to be replaced.

  4. Browse to the replacement model and click Open
This method replicates exactly how DriveWorks will replace a file.

This ensures any errors will match those encountered by DriveWorks.

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