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How To: Embed DriveWorks In WordPress (KB23012301)

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How To: Embed DriveWorks In WordPress

Embed DriveWorks Forms into any WordPress site using one of our custom plugins.

These plugins are designed to streamline the process of embedding your DriveWorks implementation inside your WordPress site.

All WordPress plugins require DriveWorks 17 or later.

WordPress Plugin Types

  • Page Block Plugin

    Minimum WordPress Version: 5.8 (requires Gutenburg editor)

  • Shortcode Plugin

    Minimum WordPress Version: 4.0

Plugin Installation

Installation of the DriveWorks WordPress plugins is performed through the WordPress administration:

  1. Access the administration side of your WordPress site.
  2. Select 'Plugins'.
  3. Click 'Add New'.
  4. Search for 'DriveWorks'.
  5. Install the desired DriveWorks WordPress Plugin.
  6. Activate the Plugin once installation is complete.
  7. Navigate to the page you want DriveWorks displayed on.
  8. Add the necessary Block / Shortcode to your page.

Troubleshooting WordPress Plugins

A generic error message is shown to site visitors.

The full error is shown when logged in as a WordPress admin.

Before Starting to Troubleshoot

  • Check the browser console, F12, for any errors.
  • In your browser, type Ctrl + F5 to hard refresh.
  • Try in an incognito window for a fresh cache.
  • Check for trailing slashes in the Server URL.
  • Check the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file is valid by restarting DriveWorks Live.
  • Manually clear any locally stored session id.

More information on the above steps can be found in the How To: Troubleshoot The Integration Theme Help File.


Ensure you are hosting your Integration Theme on an HTTPS endpoint with a publicly signed SSL certificate.

WordPress sites are almost always hosted on HTTPS this means your Integration Theme also needs to be hosted on a publicly signed HTTPS site.

This is necessary as WordPress performs the validation of the Server Url and if it is not secure WordPress is unable to communicate with the Integration Theme endpoint.


Ensure the necessary inputs have been declared in the Plugin configuration.

Each WordPress Plugin has a series of required options that need to be configured:

  • Page Block Plugin
    1. Integration Theme Server Url (Server Url)
    2. Group Alias
    3. Embed Type
    4. Project Name / DriveApp Alias
  • Shortcode Plugin
    1. server_url
    2. group_alias
    3. project_name / drive_app_alias

If any of the above are missing or invalid the Plugins won't be able to render a DriveWorks Form.

Common Issues

Small Form Height


DWFormContainerHeight has been used when designing responsive Forms in DriveWorks.


Set the Form height using the optional 'Form Height' (Block) / 'height' (Shortcode) property; this forces the Form to display at the declared height.

Specification Disappears


Timeout is reached on the server; sessionTimeout / groupTimeout / specificationTimeout configured in the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file.


Configure the optional 'Ping Interval' (Block) / 'ping_interval' (Shortcode) property; this sends periodic requests to the server keeping the Specification alive.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB23012301

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