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PDMPro: Get Latest Files In Folder

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PDMPro: Get Latest Files In Folder

This Specification Flow Task will get the latest files in a folder from the vault.

Note: Before pulling the latest version of files in a folder, review the PDM plugin settings, specify a path for the vault and the user that is pulling the latest files. Without these specifications, the task will fail to run.


Property NameDescription
Source Folder Path Path to the folder (must be inside vault).
Include SubfoldersTRUE to get the latest files in all subfolders, FALSE to only get the latest versions of files in this folder.
ConstantThe name of the Constant into which the result should be driven (Optional).


When this task is added, the properties are static by default.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample Result
Source Folder Name"C:\VaultName\" & MyFolderReturnC:\VaultName\VaultFolder
Constant NameMyResultConstantMyResultConstant

Using the Task in a Specification Macro

Outputs are only available within Specification Macros. Currently Outputs are not available for Specification Flow.

Status Outputs

This task supports Status Outputs. They can be used to perform different actions depending on what the status outcome of the task is. For more information see Status Outputs in the Task Node Outputs section of Specification Macros Task Node.

The status output navigation is as follows:


  • Latest files were successfully retrieved

Success with Warnings

  • N/A - should never be fulfilled

Failure (one of the following occurred)

  • Folder name is empty
  • Folder is not in vault
  • Get latest failed
  • Invalid vault