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How To: Upgrade The Integration Theme (KB24011601)

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How To: Upgrade The Integration Theme

When upgrading DriveWorks to a new version, it is important to ensure the latest Integration Theme example files will be used.

This is because as the DriveWorks code changes, the examples are adapted to be the most effective and use the most up to date versions of the API.

This document outlines the process for upgrading the DriveWorks Live Integration Theme.

Step By Step

  1. Before uninstalling the previous version or installing the new version, take a back up of the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file.

    This is located at %ProgramData%\DriveWorks\[version]\Live\Themes\Integration

    Also back up any existing examples if customizations have been made.

    Copying the files to a new location is sufficient for the back up, and will help when replicating any customizations into the new version files (step 3 below).

    Once the back up is done, uninstall the old version of DriveWorks and then install the new version.

  2. Open the DriveWorks Live application (this should be done regardless of whether using IIS or just DriveWorks Live).

    Select Stage 1: Live, select Theme from the command bar.

    Step through the wizard for the Integration Theme, select a new folder path, or use the existing folder to overwrite the old files.

    Ensure Copy Client SDK Examples to this folder is selected.

  3. If the previous version Client SDK Examples were customized:

    Copy the customizations from the back up files (step 1 above) into the new version files.

    If using or creating custom code in the examples, we recommend not changing the code already present in the example file.

    Instead, create the functions and call these where required. With the exception of editing existing method parameters.

  4. Navigate to the %ProgramData%\DriveWorks folder and open the folder with the new installed version number.

    Locate and open the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file.

    If the DriveWorks Live wizard was used the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file will exist.

    If not, copy DriveWorksConfig.xml and rename it DriveWorksConfigUser.xml.

    Copy and paste the connection strings and parameters from previous version DriveWorksConfigUser.xml into this versions file.

    Ensure that the <staticFilesPath> is also looking at the folder containing the new examples.

  5. This applies when the Integration Theme is hosted through IIS only.

    If using multiple sites in IIS, ensure that the site hosting the example files are also pointing to the folder with the new example files.

    Recycle the Application Pool and restart the site to clear any cached files.

    We also recommend clearing cache in the browser, this can be done with Ctrl + F5 in most browsers.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB24011601