DriveWorks Pro 17: How To: Backup an Individual Group (KB13022601) [send feedback...]

The following table identifies the different file types that will be associated with the Group and Project. These should be located using windows explorer and zipped or copied to a backup location before moving the data to its new location.

File TypeDriveWorks Information TypeDescription
GroupName.drivegroupGroupGroup file for an Individual Group


ProjectName.driveproj and ProjectName.drivemaster or ProjectName.xls
ProjectProject files that store the rules, project information and user form layout for each project. (The ProjectName.xls file will only be available on projects that have been migrated from DriveWorks 6.
The . driveproj and . drivemaster or . xls files must always reside in the same location.
AssemblyName. sldasm, PartName. sldprt and DrawingName. slddrwCapturedCaptured SOLIDWORKS Assembly, Part and Drawing files that are controlled by the project
ClonedAssemblyName. sldasm, ClonedPartName. sldprt and ClonedDrawingName. slddrwReleasedReleased SOLIDWORKS Assembly, Part and Drawing files that have been generated as a result of a specification.
SpecificationName.drivespecSpecificationSpecification files for each specification made.

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