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Move and Rotate Components

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DriveWorks 3D Workshop

Component instances can be moved or rotated about their origin.

Capturing the component allows the position or rotation to be controlled by rules.

To Move or Rotate a Component Instance

To move a component instance:

  1. Open the .drive3d file in DriveWorks 3D Workshop.
  2. Locate the instance to be moved in the Model Explorer and click to select.
  3. Depending on the type of instance selected the Property Explorer will display either:
    • Instance Group tab - for component assemblies.
    • Part tab and Instance tab - for component parts.
  4. Both types will display Transform indicators, these are directions the component can be moved or rotated about the origin axes (X, Y and Z).

  5. Select the required Move or Rotate axis and change the value by clicking the spin button or dragging the wheel.
    Each Move and Rotate axis can be moved in a positive (+) or negative (-) direction.
Values given in the transform indicators are in Meters (Move) and Degrees (Rotate), regardless of the units used to produce the original model.

Reset the Values

Once the required direction has been established all values in the transform indicators can be set back to zero by clicking the Reset button.

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