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DriveWorks Pro 21
Specification Macros Start Node

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Specification Macros Start Node

All Specification Macros contain a Start Node.

The purpose of the Start Node is to provide the first point of execution in the Macro.

More information about Specification Macro Nodes.
The Start Node cannot be renamed, and no other Nodes can be renamed "Start".
The Start Node cannot be moved around the Specification Macro Editor and is fixed in the top-left corner.


Determines whether DriveWorks tries to ensure that the user interface of a Specification is up-to-date before allowing the macro to run.

Please note this only applies to Specification Macros executed from a Macro Button on a User Form.

It also only applies for Macros (with Full consistency) that take longer than 500 milliseconds to run.

When a User Form contains multiple Macro Buttons, applying Full consistency to one Macro will apply to all.

For more information on consistency Specification Macro Consistency

Select from:

  • Full (default)

    Ensures the information on the User Form is consistent with the server and prevents the Macro Button from being repeatedly clicked (by presenting a loading overlay that prevents any interaction with the User Form).

  • None

    Will not check for consistency when the Macro Button is clicked, unless another Macro Button exists on the User Form that does have Full Consistency applied.

Start Node Outputs

The Start Node only has Outputs with Connection Points that can be used to create Connections.

The Start Node Outputs are:

  • The Node's Navigation Output
  • The Node's Data Outputs:
    • Argument:
      The Argument passed to the Macro.
    • Caller:
      The Caller that executed the Macro.
Argument and Caller can also be retrieved when building rules with the Special VariablesDWCurrentMacroArgument and DWCurrentMacroCaller.