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Rescale And Position View

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Rescale And Position View

The Rescale And Position View Generation Task will position a view according to the given Maximum and Minimum positions, and rescales the View accordingly.

This Generation Task requires the values to be in Model Units.


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
View NameThe name of the view to rescale
ScalesA pipe bar (|) delimited list of scales to choose from. For example: 2:1|1:1|1:2|1:4. Leave empty for best-fit.
Maximum RightThe maximum allowable right position.
Maximum TopThe maximum allowable top position.
Minimum BottomThe minimum allowable bottom position.
Minimum LeftThe minimum allowable left position.


When this task is added the properties are static by default.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
View Name"Drawing View1"Drawing View1This is the name of the View to rescale.
Scales"2:1|1:1|1:2|1:4"1:1|1:2|2:1|1:5|1:10Will select the smallest closest scale, from the list, to keep the view within the minimum and maximum values set below.
Maximum Right300300This value is the Maximum allowable right position.
Maximum Top280280This value is the Maximum allowable top position.
Minimum Bottom7575This value is the Minimum allowable bottom position.
Minimum Left5050This value is the Minimum allowable Left position.

We do not recommend using this Task on Projected Views that are linked to a Parent View.

The values entered into the task create a specific zone on the drawing for the view (see image below).

You must include the scale part of the name if the name belongs to a detail view i.e. "Detail View A (1 : 10)"

DriveWorks will scale up the generated drawing view as much as possible to fit the zone.

Dimensions are not constrained to this zone.

Generation Sequence

This Task can be added to the following Generation Sequence(s):

  • Pre Drive (will be run before the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Post Drive (will be run after the Main Drive Sequence)

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal

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Use the Auto Arrange Dimensions, Auto Balloon View and Rescale and Position View generation tasks to control a driven drawing.

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DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal is available to DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription and support contract.

Tech Tips provide cut down projects that highlight specific functionality for faster and more effective learning.

To access the portal:

  1. Go to https://my.driveworks.co.uk/learn/tech-tips/
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

The portal provides a search facility, start typing the name of the Tech Tip (as indicated above) to display the Tip you require.