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How To: Use the Specification Host control (KB16122101)

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How To: Use the Specification Host control

This article discusses how to use the Specification Host control.

Dialog Forms, launched from Item Lists, Dialog or Macro Buttons, are not supported inside of a Specification Host Control.

Hosting a Specification

  1. Add a Specification Host control to your form.
  2. To add a specification to the host control use the Set Specification Host Control in a Macro Button or in the Specification Flow.

Running Macros in host and hosted Specifications

Use the Run Macro in Host Specification and Run Macro in Hosted Specification tasks.

These require the name of the Specification Host control and the name of the macro to run in the host or hosted Specification.

Multiple Specification Host Controls

The return data from multiple Specification Host controls can be combined into a single table of data using the TableCombine function. Example. TableCombine(Project2Return,Project3Return).

Passing Data into a Specification in a Specification Host control

The Specification Host Control has an Input Values property that you can use to pass an array of data into the Specification being hosted.

This array needs to take the form of a Name column (Names of Constants or Controls) and a Value column (Values to be passed to those constants or controls).

For examples of passing data into a hosted specification please see Input Values.

Hosting Child Specifications

You can link the Specification Host control to a Child Specification List. Using the Specification Tasks properties.

This allows you to click on a macro and launch a new Child Specification that will be displayed in the Specification Host control.

Child Specification List

When you are hosting a Project that itself contains a Child Specification List you will not be able to use the navigation at the side of the table. This behavior is expected because you are not setting the Specification Host Control when you click add.

It is possible to host a Child Specification in a Specification Host control within a Hosted Specification.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB16122101