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How To: Drive the Material of a Part (KB12121017)

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DriveWorks Pro provides the ability to drive a model's material. To do this, create and capture a custom property in the model called "DWMaterial", for more information have a look at the Custom Properties help topic.

The result of the rule for the DWMaterial custom property should take the form:


The material database name for the default SOLIDWORKS materials is called "SOLIDWORKS Materials", so for example, if you have a  Combo Box containing the names of materials the user can select from, you could build a rule for a material custom property such as:

"SOLIDWORKS Materials|" & MaterialComboBoxReturn

If a material from the standard SOLIDWORKS materials library is desired, the "SOLIDWORKS Materials|" prefix can be omitted, e.g.:

"1023 Carbon Steel Sheet (SS)"

Would use the carbon steel sheet material from the SOLIDWORKS Material database.

The tables below show the names of the SOLIDWORKS Materials that are available in SOLIDWORKS 2009.


NameExample Rule Result
1023 Carbon Steel Sheet (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1023 Carbon Steel Sheet (SS)
201 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|201 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)
A286 Iron Base SuperalloySOLIDWORKS Materials|A286 Iron Base Superalloy
AISI 1010 Steel, hot rolled barSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1010 Steel, hot rolled bar
AISI 1015 Steel, Cold Drawn (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1015 Steel, Cold Drawn (SS)
AISI 1020SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1020
AISI 1020 Steel, Cold RolledSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1020 Steel, Cold Rolled
AISI 1035 Steel (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1035 Steel (SS)
AISI 1045 Steel, cold drawnSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 1045 Steel, cold drawn
AISI 316 Annealed Stainless Steel Bar (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 316 Annealed Stainless Steel Bar (SS)
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Sheet (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 316 Stainless Steel Sheet (SS)
AISI 321 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 321 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)
AISI 347 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 347 Annealed Stainless Steel (SS)
AISI 4130 Steel, annealed at 865CSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 4130 Steel, annealed at 865C
AISI 4130 Steel, normalized at 870CSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 4130 Steel, normalized at 870C
AISI 4340 Steel, annealedSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 4340 Steel, annealed
AISI 4340 Steel, normalizedSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI 4340 Steel, normalized
AISI Type 316L stainless steelSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI Type 316L stainless steel
AISI Type A2 Tool SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|AISI Type A2 Tool Steel
Alloy SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Alloy Steel (SS)
ASTM A36 SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|ASTM A36 Steel
Cast Alloy SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Cast Alloy Steel
Cast Carbon SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Cast Carbon Steel
Cast Carbon Steel (SN)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Cast Carbon Steel (SN)
Cast Stainless SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Cast Stainless Steel
Chrome Stainless SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Chrome Stainless Steel
Galvanized SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Galvanized Steel
Plain Carbon SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Plain Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel (ferritic)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Stainless Steel (ferritic)
Wrought Stainless SteelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Wrought Stainless Steel


NameExample Rule Result
Ductile IronSOLIDWORKS Materials|Ductile Iron
Ductile Iron (SN)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ductile Iron (SN)
Gray Cast IronSOLIDWORKS Materials|Gray Cast Iron
Gray Cast Iron (SN)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Gray Cast Iron (SN)
Malleable Cast IronSOLIDWORKS Materials|Malleable Cast Iron

Aluminium Alloys

NameExample Rule Result
1060 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|1060 Alloy
1060-H12SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H12
1060-H12 Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H12 Rod (SS)
1060-H14SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H14
1060-H16SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H16
1060-H18SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H18
1060-H18 Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-H18 Rod (SS)
1060-O (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1060-O (SS)
1100-H12 Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1100-H12 Rod (SS)
1100-H16 Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1100-H16 Rod (SS)
1100-H26 Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1100-H26 Rod (SS)
1100-O Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|1100-O Rod (SS)
1345 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|1345 Alloy
1350 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|1350 Alloy
201.0-T43 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|201.0-T43 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)
201.0-T6 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|201.0-T6 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)
201.0-T7 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|201.0-T7 Insulated Mold Casting (SS)
2014 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|2014 Alloy
2014-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|2014-O
2014-T4SOLIDWORKS Materials|2014-T4
2014-T6SOLIDWORKS Materials|2014-T6
2018 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|2018 Alloy
2024 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|2024 Alloy
2024 Alloy (SN)SOLIDWORKS Materials|2024 Alloy (SN)
2024-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|2024-O
2024-T3SOLIDWORKS Materials|2024-T3
2024-T361SOLIDWORKS Materials|2024-T361
2024-T4SOLIDWORKS Materials|2024-T4
2219-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-O
2219-T31SOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-T31
2219-T37SOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-T37
2219-T62SOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-T62
2219-T81SOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-T81
2219-T87SOLIDWORKS Materials|2219-T87
2618-T61 (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|2618-T61 (SS)
3003 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|3003 Alloy
3003-H12SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H12
3003-H12, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H12, Rod (SS)
3003-H14SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H14
3003-H14, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H14, Rod (SS)
3003-H16SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H16
3003-H18SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H18
3003-H18, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-H18, Rod (SS)
3003-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-O
3003-O, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3003-O, Rod (SS)
3004-H34, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3004-H34, Rod (SS)
3004-O, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|3004-O, Rod (SS)
356.0-T6 Permanent Mold cast (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|356.0-T6 Permanent Mold cast (SS)
4032-T6SOLIDWORKS Materials|4032-T6
5052-H32SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-H32
5052-H34SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-H34
5052-H36SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-H36
5052-H38SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-H38
5052-H38, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-H38, Rod (SS)
5052-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-O
5052-O, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|5052-O, Rod (SS)
5086-H32, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|5086-H32, Rod (SS)
5154-O, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|5154-O, Rod (SS)
5454-H111SOLIDWORKS Materials|5454-H111
5454-H112SOLIDWORKS Materials|5454-H112
5454-H32SOLIDWORKS Materials|5454-H32
5454-H34SOLIDWORKS Materials|5454-H34
5454-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|5454-O
6061 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|6061 Alloy
6061-O (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|6061-O (SS)
6061-T4 (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|6061-T4 (SS)
6061-T6 (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|6061-T6 (SS)
6063-OSOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-O
6063-O, Extruded Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-O, Extruded Rod (SS)
6063-T1SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T1
6063-T4SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T4
6063-T5SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T5
6063-T6SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T6
6063-T6, Rod (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T6, Rod (SS)
6063-T83SOLIDWORKS Materials|6063-T83
7050-T73510SOLIDWORKS Materials|7050-T73510
7050-T7451SOLIDWORKS Materials|7050-T7451
7050-T7651SOLIDWORKS Materials|7050-T7651
7075-O (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|7075-O (SS)
7075-T6 (SN)SOLIDWORKS Materials|7075-T6 (SN)
7075-T6, Plate (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|7075-T6, Plate (SS)
7079 AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|7079 Alloy
AA356.0-FSOLIDWORKS Materials|AA356.0-F
AA380.0-F dieSOLIDWORKS Materials|AA380.0-F die
AluminaSOLIDWORKS Materials|Alumina
C355.0-T61 Permanent Mold cast (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|C355.0-T61 Permanent Mold cast (SS)

Copper Alloys

NameExample Rule Result
Aluminum BronzeSOLIDWORKS Materials|Aluminum Bronze
Beryllium Copper, UNS C17000SOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium Copper, UNS C17000
Beryllium Copper, UNS C17200SOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium Copper, UNS C17200
Beryllium Copper, UNS C17300SOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium Copper, UNS C17300
Beryllium S-200F, Vacuum Hot PressedSOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium S-200F, Vacuum Hot Pressed
Beryllium S-65C, Vacuum Hot PressedSOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium S-65C, Vacuum Hot Pressed
BrassSOLIDWORKS Materials|Brass
Chromium Copper, UNS C18200SOLIDWORKS Materials|Chromium Copper, UNS C18200
Commercial Bronze, UNS C22000 (90-10 Bronze)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercial Bronze, UNS C22000 (90-10 Bronze)
CopperSOLIDWORKS Materials|Copper
Copper-Cobalt-Beryllium alloy, UNS C17500SOLIDWORKS Materials|Copper-Cobalt-Beryllium alloy, UNS C17500
Free-Cutting Brass, UNS C36000SOLIDWORKS Materials|Free-Cutting Brass, UNS C36000
High-leaded brass, UNS C34200SOLIDWORKS Materials|High-leaded brass, UNS C34200
Leaded Commercial BronzeSOLIDWORKS Materials|Leaded Commercial Bronze
Manganese BronzeSOLIDWORKS Materials|Manganese Bronze
Nickel silver 65-12, UNS C75700SOLIDWORKS Materials|Nickel silver 65-12, UNS C75700
Phosphor bronze 10% D, UNS C52400SOLIDWORKS Materials|Phosphor bronze 10% D, UNS C52400
Tin Bearing BronzeSOLIDWORKS Materials|Tin Bearing Bronze
Wrought CopperSOLIDWORKS Materials|Wrought Copper

Titanium Alloys

NameExample Rule Result
Commercially Pure CP-Ti UNS R50400 (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercially Pure CP-Ti UNS R50400 (SS)
Commercially Pure CP-Ti UNS R50700 Grade 4 (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercially Pure CP-Ti UNS R50700 Grade 4 (SS)
Commercially Pure grade 2 longitudinal (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercially Pure grade 2 longitudinal (SS)
Commercially Pure Grade 2 Textured (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercially Pure Grade 2 Textured (SS)
Commercially Pure titanium (Ti-55) UNS R50550*SOLIDWORKS Materials|Commercially Pure titanium (Ti-55) UNS R50550*
Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Solution Treated Bar (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Solution Treated Bar (SS)
Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr (SS)
Ti-5Al-2.5Sn Annealed (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-5Al-2.5Sn Annealed (SS)
Ti-6Al-2Sn-2Zr-2Mo-2Cr-0.25Si (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-6Al-2Sn-2Zr-2Mo-2Cr-0.25Si (SS)
Ti-6Al-4VSolution treated and aged (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-6Al-4VSolution treated and aged (SS)
Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V annealed sheet (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V annealed sheet (SS)
Ti-8Mn annealed sheet (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Ti-8Mn annealed sheet (SS)
TIMETAL 35A CP Titanium (ASTM Grade 1) 99.1 TiSOLIDWORKS Materials|TIMETAL 35A CP Titanium (ASTM Grade 1) 99.1 Ti
Titanium Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al Solution TreatedSOLIDWORKS Materials|Titanium Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al Solution Treated
Titanium Ti-5Al-2.5SnSOLIDWORKS Materials|Titanium Ti-5Al-2.5Sn
Titanium Ti-8Al-1Mo-1VSOLIDWORKS Materials|Titanium Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V
Titanium Ti-8Mn, AnnealedSOLIDWORKS Materials|Titanium Ti-8Mn, Annealed

Zinc Alloys

NameExample Rule Result
Zinc AC41A Alloy, As CastSOLIDWORKS Materials|Zinc AC41A Alloy, As Cast
Zinc AC43A (Zn-4Al-2.5Cu-0.04Mg; Number 2 Die Casting Alloy; Zamak 2), Die CastSOLIDWORKS Materials|Zinc AC43A (Zn-4Al-2.5Cu-0.04Mg; Number 2 Die Casting Alloy; Zamak 2), Die Cast
Zinc AG40A (Zn-4Al-0.4Mg; Zamak 3), CastSOLIDWORKS Materials|Zinc AG40A (Zn-4Al-0.4Mg; Zamak 3), Cast
Zinc Alloy 7; AG40B; Zn-4Al-0.015MgSOLIDWORKS Materials|Zinc Alloy 7; AG40B; Zn-4Al-0.015Mg

Other Alloys

NameExample Rule Result
Duranickel(R) 301SOLIDWORKS Materials|Duranickel(R) 301
Magnesium AlloySOLIDWORKS Materials|Magnesium Alloy
Monel(R) 400SOLIDWORKS Materials|Monel(R) 400


NameExample Rule Result
Acrylic (Medium-high impact)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Acrylic (Medium-high impact)
Delrin 2700 NC010, Low Viscosity Acetal Copolymer (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Delrin 2700 NC010, Low Viscosity Acetal Copolymer (SS)
Nylon 101SOLIDWORKS Materials|Nylon 101
Nylon 6/10SOLIDWORKS Materials|Nylon 6/10
PA Type 6SOLIDWORKS Materials|PA Type 6
PBT General PurposeSOLIDWORKS Materials|PBT General Purpose
PC High ViscositySOLIDWORKS Materials|PC High Viscosity
PE High DensitySOLIDWORKS Materials|PE High Density
PE Low/Medium DensitySOLIDWORKS Materials|PE Low/Medium Density
Perspex (TM) GS Acrylic Cast SheetSOLIDWORKS Materials|Perspex (TM) GS Acrylic Cast Sheet
POM Acetal CopolymerSOLIDWORKS Materials|POM Acetal Copolymer
PP CopolymerSOLIDWORKS Materials|PP Copolymer
PS Medium/High FlowSOLIDWORKS Materials|PS Medium/High Flow
PTFE (general)SOLIDWORKS Materials|PTFE (general)
PVC 0.007 PlasticizedSOLIDWORKS Materials|PVC 0.007 Plasticized
PVC RigidSOLIDWORKS Materials|PVC Rigid
Very Low Density PE (SS)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Very Low Density PE (SS)

Other Metals

NameExample Rule Result
BerylliumSOLIDWORKS Materials|Beryllium
CobaltSOLIDWORKS Materials|Cobalt
MolybdenumSOLIDWORKS Materials|Molybdenum
NickelSOLIDWORKS Materials|Nickel
Pure GoldSOLIDWORKS Materials|Pure Gold
Pure LeadSOLIDWORKS Materials|Pure Lead
Pure SilverSOLIDWORKS Materials|Pure Silver
TitaniumSOLIDWORKS Materials|Titanium
TungstenSOLIDWORKS Materials|Tungsten
VanadiumSOLIDWORKS Materials|Vanadium
ZirconiumSOLIDWORKS Materials|Zirconium

Other Non-metals

NameExample Rule Result
AirSOLIDWORKS Materials|Air
Ceramic PorcelainSOLIDWORKS Materials|Ceramic Porcelain
GlassSOLIDWORKS Materials|Glass
RubberSOLIDWORKS Materials|Rubber
WaterSOLIDWORKS Materials|Water

Generic Glass Fibers

NameExample Rule Result
A-Glass FiberSOLIDWORKS Materials|A-Glass Fiber
C-Glass FiberSOLIDWORKS Materials|C-Glass Fiber
E-Glass FiberSOLIDWORKS Materials|E-Glass Fiber
S-Glass FiberSOLIDWORKS Materials|S-Glass Fiber

Carbon Fibers

NameExample Rule Result
Hexcel AS4C (3000 Filaments)SOLIDWORKS Materials|Hexcel AS4C (3000 Filaments)
Thornel Mat VMASOLIDWORKS Materials|Thornel Mat VMA
Thornel VCB-20 Carbon ClothSOLIDWORKS Materials|Thornel VCB-20 Carbon Cloth
Zoltek Panex 33SOLIDWORKS Materials|Zoltek Panex 33


NameExample Rule Result
SiliconSOLIDWORKS Materials|Silicon
Silicon DioxideSOLIDWORKS Materials|Silicon Dioxide


NameExample Rule Result
BalsaSOLIDWORKS Materials|Balsa
BeechSOLIDWORKS Materials|Beech
CedarSOLIDWORKS Materials|Cedar
MahoganySOLIDWORKS Materials|Mahogany
MapleSOLIDWORKS Materials|Maple
OakSOLIDWORKS Materials|Oak
PineSOLIDWORKS Materials|Pine
TeakSOLIDWORKS Materials|Teak

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