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DriveWorks Pro 22
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CPQ Jobs

The CPQ category focuses on jobs related to the CPQ DriveApp.

A CPQ DriveApp must exist in the Group in order to set up any Job in this category.

CPQ Data Sync

A CPQ Data Synchronization Project must exist in the Group in order to run this Job.

Email Details

Uses the Mail Server settings applied in DriveWorks Autopilot to send job notifications.

Email SenderA valid email address for the sender of the email.DriveAppScheduler@MyCompany.com
Email RecipientA valid email address for the recipient of the email.admin@MyCompany.com
Email CCA valid email address for additional recipients of the email.admin2@MyCompany.com

Multiple recipients can be included by separating each address with a pipebar:


Autopilot TagThe name of the Autopilot Tag that targets the DriveWorks Autopilot machine to process the Job from.

See DriveWorks Autopilot - Edit Tags for more information.


Job Inputs

CPQ DriveApp AliasThe alias of the CPQ DriveApp to run the CPQ Data Sync on. MyCPQDriveApp
Entities to SyncUse the arrows to move individual or all Entities to the box on the right.

Select from:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Items
Reset TimestampsSelect the Record types (Accounts, Contacts, Items) to have timestamps reset.

Click the Reset button.

Clicking reset will clear timestamp values. This cannot be undone.