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DriveWorks Live

Transform your existing design automation projects into online sales configurators, enabling your sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers to easily configure and view your products in 3D on any device in their web browser.

Getting started

Installation and licensing

Learn how to install and license DirveWorks Autopilot.


DriveWorks Live and IIS

DriveWorks Live can run directly as an application or through Internet Information Services (IIS).

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Embed DriveWorks in a Website

Learn how to embed DriveWorks in a website or application.

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Using DriveWorks Live

DriveWorks Live Task Explorer

A Group must be open to view all options in the Task Explorer.

DriveWorks Today

When connected to the internet, DriveWorks Today will display dynamic community content containing useful links to information, news and events relating to DriveWorks.

Stage 1: Specification

Select how a Specification is to be run using the Specification task:

  • Live

    The Live task is used to select the Theme to be loaded and to start the DriveWorks Live session.

  • Specification Explorer

    View all Specifications, generated outputs and reports from the Specification Explorer.

    Use DriveWorks Live to begin a new Specification from the DriveWorks Live interface (as you would in DriveWorks User or Administrator)

Stage 2: DriveApps

Any DriveApps configured to run can be selected from the DriveWorks Live interface using this task.

Stage 3: IIS

Easily add your DriveWorks Live site to IIS and manage the status of the added Application Pool using IIS Management.

Choose a Required Customization Level

Application Theme

Gives your DriveWorks Implementation the look and feel of a desktop application in a browser.

Select and run. No customization.

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Web Theme

Provides a web site style environment for your DriveWorks Implementation. Choose from a number of customizable skins to select your preferred user experience

Select and run. Minimal customization.

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Integration Theme

The Integration Theme hosts the DriveWorks Live Web API enabling you to connect to your DriveWorks Implementation from any website, application or connected device.

With the Integration Theme you can use the Web API to:

  • Embed DriveWorks forms directly in your website (no iFrame required)
  • Apply additional styling to controls and forms using CSS
  • React to DriveWorks form events in the hosting client
  • Query constant and variable values in a running specification
  • Process Macros remotely from the client
  • Drive constant values from anywhere
  • Run transition and operations on existing specifications
  • Use OData to query existing specifications
  • Pass data client to client (for example a price calculated by DriveWorks can be sent into a shopping basket)
  • Query DriveWorks for the Specification History with API access to Transitions and Operations
  • Access DriveWorks Implementations from any connected system or device
  • Security - using CORS technology requests from non-domain clients are managed securely.

View embedded examples using the DriveWorks Integration Theme

Learn more about the DriveWorks Integration Theme

DriveWorks Live and Internet Information Services (IIS)

DriveWorks Live can run directly as an application or through Internet Information Services (IIS).

The advantages of using IIS include:

  • IIS provides faster transmission times between IIS and compression-enabled browsers.

    Dynamic Compression means faster load times for DriveWorks User Forms that display dynamic content (Pictures, DriveWorks 3D Files etc.) on the Client browser.

  • IIS runs as a service on your computer.

    This means that care must be taken when setting up credentials in IIS but has the benefit that the machine does not require logging on to run the application.

If you intend running DriveWorks Live through IIS please read:

For the Web or Application Theme:

How To: Configure IIS For The Web and Application Theme

For the Integration Theme:

How To: Configure IIS For The Integration Theme

Optimizing IIS for DriveWorks Live

One of the limitations to HTTP is that it was designed as a one-directional method of communication. However, many modern web-based applications (DriveWorks Live) require more real-time, two-way communications in order to function optimally.

DriveWorks Live, when run through IIS, utilizes WebSocket Protocol to implement two-way communications over the Internet between a client and server.

To enable Web Sockets please refer to the div IIS 8.0 WebSocket Protocol Support.

Running DriveWorks Live as an Application


Check you have the following in place before specifying a DriveWorks project over the web through DriveWorks Live:

  1. The Group and Projects are located so they that can be accessed by all required DriveWorks applications. See DriveWorks Data and Files in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro
  2. The machine DriveWorks Live is installed on follows the recommendations. See Deployment Scenarios in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro or Using DriveWorks Live in a DMZ in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro
  3. The machine hosting DriveWorks Live can be seen over the Internet. See Hosted Web Integration in How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro
  4. The DriveWorks Live settings have been applied. See Live Settings

DriveWorks Live and Cookies

DriveWorks Live uses cookies to store information that allows effective management of the session state.

When running DriveWorks Live as an application you define the Group to be opened and select the Theme to be used through the application.

1. Open A Group

A Group is opened by one of the following methods:

The Group button activates the Open Group Wizard when clicked.

Or it will display a list of recently opened Groups by clicking the drop down arrow on the button.

2. Start DriveWorks Live

See To Start a Live Session for more information.

If this is the first time DriveWorks Live has been run a Theme will need to be selected.

Selecting a Theme is a one time operation.

The selected Theme is retained each time DriveWorks Live is run.

See To Select a Theme for more information.

Embedding DriveWorks Live into your Website

DriveWorks Live can easily be embedded within your website by using a suitable Theme

Web and Application Theme using Inline Frame

Typically when running DriveWorks Live, in an inline frame, the Integration Module is implemented to give seamless integration within your site.

Overcoming Third Party Cookie issues with iframes

Inline frames are specified within your site by using the <iframe> tag.

The src attribute of the <iframe> tag provides the URL to the DriveWorks Live site to present within the inline frame. See Inline Frame below for more information.

Cookies used on sites referenced by an inline frame become third party, which most browsers block by default.

To overcome this your DriveWorks Live site must be a sub domain of your website.

Assistance in setting up your DriveWorks Live site to be a sub domain should be provided by your ISP or IT technician.

Integration Theme

Enables you to fully embed your DriveWorks Implementation in an existing web site or application without the need for an Inline frame.

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