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DriveWorks Pro 22
Display Performance Window

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Display Performance Window

Determines whether to show the performance window over the preview control.

True will show the performance window.

False will hide the performance window.

Property Type: Static

Default Value: No default value is applied to this property

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.DisplayPerformanceWindow

The Performance Window

The Performance Window is displayed in the 3D Preview Control (when activated) in a browser or in any of the client modules of DriveWorks.

It can also be displayed when editing a DriveWorks 3D document by selecting Display Performance Window from the command bar.

It gives key information about the 3D model being displayed. This allows causes of lag in a 3D scene to be diagnosed.

The values given will differ depending on if it's being viewed inside a 3D Preview control in Administrator or in a browser, this is due to differences in how DriveWorks 3D is rendered.

The information shown includes:

  • Counts

    Shows the following:

    • Lights - The number of lights rendered per frame
      • Directional Shadows - The number of directional shadows being cast.
    • Sprites - The number of sprites rendered per frame
    • Decals - The number of decals rendered per frame
    • Decal Batches - The number of decal batches used to render decals per frame
  • Performance Statistics

    Shows the following:

    • FPS - Frames per second
    • Scene Size - The overall size of the scene

      When viewed in the DriveWorks 3D Document the scene size will include editor sprites (such as lights and cameras).

      When viewed in a DriveWorks 3D Preview Control (on a user form) these sprites are not visible and the scene size will reflect this.

    • Draw Calls - The number of times the CPU instructs the GPU to draw something per frame
    • Vertices - The number of vertices rendered per frame
    • Texture Bindings - The number of times the CPU uploads a texture to the GPU per frame
    • Shader Swaps - The number of times the CPU instructs the GPU to change active shader per frame
  • Optimizations

    This displays all the optimizations that DriveWorks has performed on the 3D Document.

The values displayed will update on a per frame basis.

Use the Performance Windows in DriveWorks Administrator as a guide whilst working on a project, but always take a look at the performance window in a browser for an accurate look at what your users will experience.

Value set in Form Designer. Static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.