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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Release Notes

DriveWorks 20 SP0

Supported Versions


SOLIDWORKS 2022 is fully supported

SOLIDWORKS 2021 and 2020

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 11 is fully supported

Microsoft Windows 10 and 8.1


Continual development to support the management of an enterprise wide deployment.

  • Send Email Notifications when any monitored Autopilot disconnects from DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • A rule can be applied to control the Minify Output option in a JSON Document.
  • The DriveWorks Today screen uses WebView2 to display online content, allowing utilization of modern web technology.
  • IIS Management allows the easy addition of a DriveWorks Live site into Internet Information Services through an intuitive wizard.
  • DriveWorks Live - Minify core/system Theme stylesheets to reduced filesize. Skin and user modified styles are unaffected.
  • Loading speed of the Email List in DriveWorks Autopilot, when a large amount of Emails exist, has been significantly improved.
  • DriveWorks Live enabled caching of the config file and Custom Content folder, in the Web Theme, for increased performance.
  • Integration Theme - Documents can be retrieved from a running Specification that has not been transitioned.
  • Integration Theme (Corporate Website) - Added detection for Specification state after Transition/Operation from "Details" view. Refresh data or redirect to running Specification accordingly.
  • Integration Theme (Corporate Website) - Enabled /query function to run DriveApps, drive Constants and run Macros. See query.js for examples.
  • Integration Theme (Corporate Website) - Added getSpecification[Operation/Transition]ByName() before invoking Actions (Operations/Transitions) to prevent "X cannot be run at this time" errors.
  • Integration Theme (Help Files) - Added "Share" button to every code sample, for quick sharing of specific logic.
  • Integration Theme (Help Files) - Added anchors to all section headings, with quick-access icons beside each heading, for easier sharing/bookmarking.

Usability & UX

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality across DriveWorks.

  • Improved message given when destination Group logon fails when using Copy Group.
  • Opening a locked Individual Group will give details of the user and machine where it is in use and the location of the lock file.
  • Tab order, when logging onto a Group in Data Management, prioritizes the check box to confirm the data is backed up.
  • The name of the dialog, displayed when creating a New Shared Group using the Copy Group task, is Pro Server New Group Credentials. Indicating the credentials applied in DriveWorks Pro Server are required.
  • Double clicking list items will proceed to the next step in the following wizards:
  • Schedule Connector sorts DriveApp Name/ Project Name alphabetically.
  • Improved error message when attempting to create a New Shared Group if there is no connection to DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • Child Specifications (added to a Child Specification List in a Specification) can be tested using Specification Explorer Test Mode.
  • The option to connect to a License Server does not appear for modules that are not Network Licensed.
  • The current Zoom Level is displayed in the Form Designer.
  • Zoom level is hidden when at 100% in the following areas:
  • Copy Group and Pack and Go have the option to open the location of the created file before closing the wizard.
  • HexFromString function will convert a given string value to its equivalent hexadecimal value.
  • The Specification Task Read Text File will read the contents of a text file and provide the result as a data output.
  • The message displayed when a License Code fails to activate links to the relevant Troubleshooting Help topic.
  • Clearer message given when running a Specification in DriveWorks Live and the Default Specification Folder is not set.
  • Tasks placed on the failed Status Output node will run when the failure is caused by an incorrect data type being parsed. This is now correctly reported as an error in the Specification Report.
  • Out of the box PDF Integration allows creation and manipulation of native PDF files.

    PDF Functions

    PDF Specification Tasks

DriveWorks 3D

Improvements to make interactive 3D visualizations, for the desktop and web, realistic and performant

Design Automation & PDM

New and updated features to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks