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Menu Module

The Menu module provides links back to the Home page and History (Specification) page.

Editing the Menu Module

The module can have the following settings applied:

  • Show Navigation Images - This allows images to be displayed next to each of the links in the menu. By default this is turned off.

To access settings for the Menu module:

1. Start Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live and Login when the Login page appears in your browser.2. Navigate to the Web page that contains the module to be edited.3. Switch to Editing Mode.4. Locate the module on the web page and click the Edit Link/Image in the top right corner of the module

Once the Edit link is clicked the Edit Module dialog will display, where the available settings can be applied:

Clicking Save on the Edit Module dialog to confirm the changes to the module.

Navigation images will now be displayed next to each of the links in the menu module.

This setting will only be applied to the module on that page.

If you edited the home page then navigation images will only be displayed on the menu module that is on the home page.

The menu module that is visible by default, on the History page, will not have had this setting applied and you will need to follow the steps above to activate navigation images on the menu module for this page too.

The images used for the navigation can be found in the \Live\Themes\Web\content\system\images\menu folder.