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The lighting type to use in the 3D Preview control.

Property Type: Fixed

Default Value: Simple Lighting

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.Lighting

The predefined lighting types available are:

  • Hard Lighting
  • None
  • Simple Lighting
  • Soft Lighting
  • Three Point Lighting

Your computers GPU, the size of the preview control and the lighting type will affect performance. The fastest to render will be None, followed by Simple, Hard, then Soft and Three Point.

To Change the Default Value

The default value of the property can be changed by selecting the required value from the property field.

  1. Click in the property for the control to be changed.
  2. Select the required value from the drop down.


Lighting Property ValueDecriptionResult
Hard LightingA slight blue tinted bright light from above with a dim warm/yellowish light from below.
NoneNo effects are applied.
Simple LightingA single white light from above.
Soft LightingA single bright light from above that is spread out more evenly.
Three Point LightingA white light from above, with blue/yellow lights from two different directions. They are more hashly tinted so you can see the contrast better.

Form Design

A type of control property where the value can only be set in the Form Designer (not by a rule).