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How To: Troubleshoot DriveWorks Group Issues (KB12121037)

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How To: Troubleshoot DriveWorks Group Issues

This article discusses issues relating to opening or creating a DriveWorks Group.

The group could not be opened, check that it exists and you have permissions to access it.

In some cases the following error message is displayed when an existing group is opened:

Possible causes of this message include:

  • Group is locked (Individual Group)

    A lock file is created when the Group is open and removed once the Group is closed. It could remain if the application closes unexpectedly.

    Browse to the location of the Individual Group and delete the lock file.

    The lock file is in the following format:


    Ensure this file is deleted and NOT the actual Group file, which is in the following format:


  • Folder Permissions (Individual Group)

    Ensure you have the correct permissions (read and write permissions) to the path where the group is stored.

  • Login credentials

    Ensure the correct user name and password were supplied to log onto the group.

  • Later Version Group

    The Group was created in a later version of DriveWorks.

    Ensure the DriveWorks product version matches the version the Group was created in.

  • SQL Server may not be Running

    You can check this in either Windows Services or SQL Configurations Manager.

A connection to the specified group could not be established.

The following errors could occur when a new Shared Group is created:


  • Incorrect permissions on the Pro Server to create a new group.

    See SQL Server for more information.

There was no endpoint listening at..


One or a combination of any of the following could be the cause.

  • The installed version of DriveWorks Pro Server does not match the installed version of DriveWorks Administrator.

    Ensure all installed versions match, for instance:

    Having DriveWorks Pro Server version 18.1 and DriveWorks Administrator version 18.2 installed, will cause this error.

  • The connection to DriveWorks Pro Server is preventing Group creation.

    See Pro Server Connection for more information.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121037