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DriveWorks 3D File

A DriveWorks 3D File allows 3D content to be shown over the internet regardless of which browser is being used.

Browsers that support WebGL do not require any 3rd party plugins to be installed on the client machine.

Browsers that do not support WebGL or if the client machine's graphic card does not support 3D a message to install Microsoft Silverlight will be shown.

A DriveWorks 3D File has the extension .Drive3D.

This file is created from inside SOLIDWORKS.

To create a Drive 3D file:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS open the SOLIDWORKS Assembly or Part the Drive 3D file is to be created from.
  2. Click File, Save As from the SOLIDWORKS menu.
  3. Browse to the location to save the file
  4. Enter a name for the file in the File name field
  5. In the Save as type drop down select the DriveWorks 3D File (*.Drive3D) option

  6. Click Save

DriveWorks 3D Workshop

DriveWorks 3D Workshop allows DriveWorks 3D Files to be modified for viewing in a web browser (via the 3D Preview Box control.

DriveWorks 3D Files can be viewed in the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.
  • Google Chrome - please ensure the latest released version is installed.
  • Firefox - please ensure the latest released version is installed.
  • Safari (Safari for Windows is not supported).
  • Opera browser - please ensure the latest released version is installed.
Internet Explorer 11 is not supported from DriveWorks 18 onwards.

Optionally a standalone viewer can be downloaded from DriveWorks3d.com.

When viewing DriveWorks 3D files in Google Chrome or Firefox the user may be prompted to enable WebGL (if it has been disabled).

The 3D Preview Box control provides automatic image fallback when WebGL is not available.

DriveWorks 3D Workshop allows 3D models to have:

  • Appearance, state and component details applied for viewing in a 3D Preview control in File Mode.
  • Appearance, state and component details modified, during specification, in a 3D Preview control in Document Mode.

DriveWorks 3D Workshop is a free tool that is available from the DriveWorks Pro installation menu.

Components within the DriveWorks 3D File can be modified in the following ways:

  • Swap components for other DriveWorks 3D Files.
  • Appearances can have colors (and enhanced color properties) and textures applied.
  • Display States can have their visibility turned on or off.

Capturing items from the DriveWorks 3D File and creating a DriveWorks 3D File Document enables the captured items to be controlled by rules during specification.

File Mode describes the 3D Preview Box when it is pointed at a static file on your computer or the network.

Document Mode describes the 3D Preview Box when it is pointed at a DriveWorks 3D document in your DriveWorks Project. Using the 3D Preview Box in this way, enables changes on your form to alter the displayed 3D file; based on rules.