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DriveWorks Pro 22
Camera Pan Max Radius

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Camera Pan Max Radius

Sets a maximum Pan Radius for the Default Camera. This limits how much the Default Camera can be panned in a scene.

This is great for focusing on a particular part of a model. You can restrict and limit interaction and prevent users exceeding your model boundaries.

Property Type: Static

Default Value: -1

Units for this value are in millimeters.

A rule can also be built for this property by changing the type to dynamic.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property.

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.PanMaxRadius


The following image shows how Pan Max Radius apply to the Default Camera.

The Default Camera will Pan vertically and horizontally within the Radius set. This is as the Camera looks at the model.

The Default Value of this property is -1. This does not make the Pan Radius unlimited. Instead DriveWorks creates its own Pan Max Radius based on the Models bounding box size.

The Camera Pan Max Radius is applied from the Camera Default Orientation.


Camera Pan Max Radius ValueResult
1000This will create a Pan Max Radius of 1000 millimeters. This gives a total Pan diameter of 2000 millimeters.

Value set in Form Designer. Static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.