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Info: Instant3D (KB13022102)

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Info: Instant3D

When capturing dimensions and features, we recommend that you temporarily disable Instant3D and Instant 2D.

Instant 3D

Instant 3D is a feature in SOLIDWORKS which makes it easy to use the mouse to manipulate features in a model by pushing and pulling them.

One of the behaviors that is changed by Instant3D is what happens when a dimension is selected, if Instant3D is enabled, and the text on the dimension is selected, then SOLIDWORKS starts editing the dimension value and the dimension is never selected.

This means that, when Instant3D is enabled, you can only select a dimension by clicking on the dimension lines which are harder to select.

Instant 3D is toggled on/off from within a part and having the Features tab activated.


Instant 2D

Instant 2D was introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2016 and is similar to Instant 3D except it is only shown in sketches. Like Instant 3D, this new feature means that dimensions are harder to select. We therefore recommend switching off this feature on the SOLIDWORKS command bar while capturing dimensions in DriveWorks.

Instant 2D is toggled on/off from within a sketch and having the Sketch tab activated.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13022102