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DriveWorks Pro 22
Copy Model Rules

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Copy Model Rules

All rules can be copied from one model to another provided they are the same master model.

This will work for models:

  • In the same project
  • In different projects, in the same group
  • In different projects, in different groups
  • At different levels of the assembly structure in model rules

Copy Rules

To Copy Rules from a model, go to Stage 4. Output Rules >Model Rules and:

  1. Highlight the source model or component set from the model list. (The checkbox is not required to be selected.)
  2. Click the Copy button.


    Right click and select Copy Rules.

  3. Highlight the destination component or component set.
  4. Click the Paste button.


    Right click and select Paste Rules.

Model rules can also be pasted into notepad for reference and editing purposes.

If they are edited and pasted back onto a model, you must ensure that all rules are still valid.

Command Bar Buttons

The command bar displays buttons for all actions that can be performed on the Model list, including expanding/contracting and selecting/deselecting.