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Welcome to DriveWorks Pro Help

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Welcome to DriveWorks Pro Help

What is DriveWorks?

DriveWorks software is used by companies to build their own Design Automation, CPQ and Online 3D Sales Configurator solutions.

Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order, on any device.

DriveWorks automates the creation of order-specific sales documents, custom-branded quotations, covering letters, delivery notes, BOMs, SOLIDWORKS® manufacturing data and more.

Reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, increase sales and deliver custom products in record time.


Learn how DriveWorks can help you save time, improve quality and achieve goals.

Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS®

Reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and free up engineers, giving more time to innovate.

Use DriveWorks to automate SOLIDWORKS® parts, assemblies and drawings with intelligent rules and logic.

Get started with a Design Automation solution

CPQ & Automation for Manufacturing

Enable customers, sales teams and distributors to configure your products in 3D on any device, anywhere with a DriveWorks CPQ configurator.

Use with DriveWorks' powerful SOLIDWORKS® automation to reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and improve customer experiences.

Get started with a CPQ solution

Online 3D Sales Configurator

Configure custom products on any device and guide users to the correct buying decision.

Get started with an Online 3D Sales Configurator solution

Which DriveWorks Pro Modules Are Required?

Regardless of the solution being implemented the following determines the DriveWorks Pro modules required.

Setting up and running

For setting up and running on an internal network

For setting up and running on the web

Getting Started


Understand where to install each DriveWorks Pro module.

Learn more


Learn about the various license types and how DriveWorks Pro modules are licensed.

Learn more


See the Implementation Guide to for guidance on getting started with DriveWorks Pro and planning the implementation.

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Integrate with Other Systems


DriveWorks can read and write data from any database with an ODBC driver as well as reading data natively from Microsoft SQL Server.

Read Database Data

Write Database Data

Connect to a Database to Automate DriveWorks

Importing Data

DriveWorks can import data from a range of file formats to create Specifications or use in rules.

Import Data

Import XML data

Import TXT files

Import Excel Data

Monitor a Folder for new files that will Automate DriveWorks

Exporting Data

DriveWorks can export data to a range of file formats to further integrate with other systems.

Export Excel Data

Export XML data

  • Drive data into a structured XML document.

Export TXT files

Export JSON data

  • Drive data as a JSON document.

Web Services

Send and receive data from DriveWorks using web services.

Using a Specification Task

Pass Data Securely from Client to Client

Connect to a Web Service to Automate DriveWorks

Plugins and PowerPacks

Add features and specialized functionality with DriveWorks PowerPacks and automatically installed plugins.

DriveWorks API

DriveWorks is built on its own fully documented API. This makes it easy to integrate DriveWorks with any of your company systems.

We have created a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes the reference assemblies that you will need, the complete documentation as well as some Visual Studio Project Templates.

Learn more

Additional Resources

Learning resources to help you succeed with DriveWorks Pro

How to Videos

Watch our DriveWorks Pro How to Video Clips to see how to set up your own configurator. Clips cover: design automation (CAD), form design, automating the creation of drawings, documents, running projects and more.


Administrator Training

DriveWorks Pro Administrator Training is a 3-day class offered by DriveWorks Resellers using our Training Materials. The training covers the core concepts: Rules, Automation, Form Design, Work Flow and Configuration and teaches how to automate and configure same but different designs. Contact your reseller for more information.

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DriveWorks Forum

Join the conversation in the DriveWorks Pro forum. Share tips and solutions with fellow DriveWorks product users, discuss best practices, share ideas and learn more.

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Technical Webinars

Weekly webinars taking a closer look at specific aspects of DriveWorks Pro functionality, going beyond what is taught in the training. Available to download from the extensive Technical Webinar Library.

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Tech Tips

A handy selection of example projects to download and explore. The projects have been created by our Technical Team to answer common questions about DriveWorks Pro.

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