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Welcome to DriveWorks Pro Help

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Welcome to DriveWorks Pro Help

Thank you for your interest in DriveWorks Configurator software for desktop, mobile and tablet.

DriveWorks software is used by engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order.

If you have used DriveWorks previously then you may want to take a look at the What's New section available from the help file within the product.

If you are new to DriveWorks Pro, or investigating just what is possible please take a look at the DriveWorks Feature Comparison table. This outlines the main differences between all DriveWorks products.

About Help

DriveWorks Help is available as a compiled help file that is installed with any DriveWorks module, or as an online version.

The online Help version is continually updated with new articles and represents the version that will be incorporated into the next service pack of DriveWorks..

Help in the help file is broken into a few different categories:

  • Administrator, 3D Workshop, User, Autopilot, Live - contains detailed information about the capabilities in the various DriveWorks applications.
  • Tools - contains detailed information about the use of the various tools installed by DriveWorks.
  • Knowledge Base - Includes various conceptual information, detailed How To articles, Informational topics and information on the plugins available from DriveWorks labs.

Online Help - docs.driveworkspro.com

The online version of the help can be found at https://docs.driveworkspro.com/

Searching Online Help

Click the search button from the header of the online help page. This will load the search page as below.

Enter your search criteria in the search box, and click the Start Search button

The results will be displayed in order of relevance, along with the first few lines of text.

Clicking any of the links provided on the results page will take you directly to that article.

Use your browsers back button to return to the results screen if the article is not relevant to you.

Additional Resources

User Community

Customers with a valid subscription service contract can participate in the DriveWorks Community - https://my.driveworks.co.uk/.

Example Projects

There are many DriveWorks Solo example projects available for download from https://www.driveworks.co.uk/resources/driveworkssolo/sample-projects/.

Follow the instructions at the above link to download and install the project and then refer to the article Migration - From DriveWorks Solo.

How To Videos

There are many short instructional videos available from the DriveWorks Pro website https://www.driveworks.co.uk/resources/driveworkspro/videos/.

Getting Started - Installing DriveWorks

Deployment Guide

If you are using the DriveWorks Administrator module only it is likely you know where this needs to be installed. But if you have purchased multiple modules, are using a floating (network) license, or are ready to roll out your implementation for external access you will find the article How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro very useful.


It is always worth checking the machines DriveWorks Pro are to be installed on meet the minimum requirements for hardware and software.

Links to Prerequisite guides


A step by step installation guide is available from the article Installation.


Information on how to license your DriveWorks Pro modules is available in the article Licensing.

Getting Started - From New

If you are new to DriveWorks Pro we recommend attending a training course available from your DriveWorks reseller.

Additional resources are available (see section above) but this help file is a great source of information.

Our How To: DriveWorks Best Practices and How To: SOLIDWORKS Best Practices Guides will help you avoid any potential problems.

The How To: Implementation Guide will give you valuable guidance on getting started with DriveWorks Pro Administrator and maintaining an implementation going forward.

Getting Started - From Other DriveWorks Versions

If you have used any other DriveWorks product you will find the information required to make use of the data from that product here.


If you've used DriveWorksXpress you may want to take a look at the DriveWorksXpress Migration.

DriveWorks Solo

If you have used DriveWorks Solo then you may want to take a look at the DriveWorks Solo Migration.