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DriveWorks Pro 22
3D Preview Settings

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3D Preview Settings

The 3D Preview Settings is available from the settings of each DriveWorks module.

Multiple DriveWorks Autopilots can be used to generate 3D Previews. Please see Info: 3D Preview Load Balancing for more information.

Enable 3D Preview

This setting only applies when a 3D Preview Box control, in the project being run, has the Generation Method property set to Ondemand.

With this option checked DriveWorks Autopilot will be used to generate any required 3D Preview files.

DriveWorks Autopilot is required to be run as an administrator when using the 3D Preview Box control. To do this:

  1. Ensure DriveWorks Autopilot is not currently running.
  2. Locate DriveWorks Autopilot launch icon from Windows start menu> All programs> DriveWorks <Version and Service Pack Number>.
  3. Hold down Shift key and Right click the icon.
  4. Select Run as administrator.

Please ensure the DriveWorks 3D Export Add-In is set to load on Start Up in SOLIDWORKS on the machine Autopilot is generating 3D Previews.

Model Output Folder

When Autopilot generates models for the 3D preview it generates real time files (with RTA/RTP suffixes)

By default, these files are stored in a [GroupContent]\3DPreview\Temp folder.

Use the browse button to select an alternative location to store these SOLIDWORKS files.

Windows Firewall

Click the Add Exception button to prevent Windows from blocking communications attempts.

This will add an exception to the firewall for the port needed to receive 3D previews on the Autopilot machine.