DriveWorks Pro 18: SysproGetAllAccountDetail [send feedback...]


Returns an array of every item held in the Customer table of the SYSPRO database.

This function can return large amounts of data that will impact project performance.




Trigger is the value that will trigger a refresh of the data.

The data will automatically refresh when a Specification is started.

If the data is required to refresh during a specification the Trigger should be linked to a constant.

When the constant value changes, using a Specification Macro for example, this will force this function to refresh.

Please see How To: Force a data refresh when the data has changed for more information.



SysproGetAllAccountDetail(DWConstantSysproTrigger)Will load the current data when the Specification is started and refresh the data when the value of the constant SysproTrigger changes.
SysproGetAllAccountDetail(FALSE)Will load the current data when the Specification is started.

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