DriveWorks Pro 17: Emails [send feedback...]


Email List

This shows all the emails that have been created for each specification that has been processed.

The list can be categorized into groups (see below).

Additional information about each email is displayed in the following columns:

  • The Specification Name the email was created from.
  • The Email Subject line of the email.
  • If the email has been Sent or not.
  • The date and time of the Last Problem (if any) in sending the email.
  • The number of Failed Attempts in trying to send an email.
  • The date and time an email was Released to be sent.
  • The date and time DriveWorks Autopilot Last Processed the email.
  • The names of any Tags applied to the triggered action.

The Emails list can be be filtered by using the filter at the top of the list.

Please see the topic How To Use Filters for more advanced filtering information.

Import Specifications

Please see Import Specifications for more information.

Command Bar

Various actions can be performed on the emails in the Email List by using the Command Bar buttons.

View/Edit Email

This shows the details of an email that has been sent or has tried to send. If the email did not send then the details can be edited until it sends.

Delete Email

Select an email and click the "Delete Email" button to delete the email.

Reset Failures

This resets the number of failed attempts to send an email.

Refresh List

To view newly created emails click the "Refresh List "button.

Show Groups

The "Show Groups" button will categorize the emails in to Pending and Completed.

Emails can be filtered using the filter box above the email list.
Emails can also be filtered by clicking the column headers.

To send emails Autopilot must be started.

DriveWorks Autopilot must also be configured to send Emails, see Email Settings for Autopilot for more information.

DriveWorks Quick Tips

DriveWorks Quick Tips: Setting Up An Email Server

Sending emails is a part of doing business. Sometimes it’s an email saying that a design is ready for production, other times it may be an email to a customer thanking them for their order. With DriveWorks Autopilot, these emails can be sent simply and automatically in the background, leaving you free to work on other tasks.

DriveWorks Quick Tips are a series of 1 minute videos, available on YouTube, that explain specific functionality. View all Quick Tips

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