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DriveWorks Pro 22
Using The Dashboard DriveApp

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Using The Dashboard DriveApp

The Dashboard DriveApp gives access to useful DriveWorks resources and KPI's taken directly from the Group.


When the Dashboard is running (see DriveApps) the Home screen will be shown (unless the Start Parameter has been customized).

Click on the following Home screen tiles to:

DriveWorks - Opens the DriveWorks corporate website in the default browser.Community - Opens the DriveWorks Community in the default browser.DriveWorks Live - Opens the DriveWorks Demo site in the default browser.Models -

Opens the Model KPI dashboard, to display dashboard tiles with KPI's for:

  • Generated Models
  • Queued models
  • Failed Models
  • Top Level Models
  • Connected Autopilots
Specifications -

Opens the Specification KPI dashboard to display dashboard tiles with KPI's for:

  • Number of Specifications
  • Paused Specifications
  • Completed Specifications
  • Archived Specifications
Documents -

Opens the Document KPI dashboard to display dashboard tiles with KPI's for:

  • All Documents
  • Hidden Documents
  • Documents
Security -

Opens the Security dashboard to display dashboard tiles to manage DriveWorks Security:

  • Teams

    Displays the Teams list, allows Teams to be added, edited or deleted.

    Teams must not contain any Users in order to be deleted.

  • Users

    Displays the Users list, allows Teams to be added or edited.

    The delete button is currently reserved for a future service pack.

    Users must be deleted from Security Settings.

Customizing the Dashboard

The default tiles can be removed or customized in the Dashboard settings.

Additional dashboards can be added, and have up to 12 tiles applied to each, to return KPI's from the Group or link to Projects or websites.

Click the Settings button (top right of the header) to customize the Dashboard.

Teams that have the setting Administer DriveApps applied (found in Team Security Setting) will only be able to customize the Dashboard.

If the logged on user is a member of more than one Team a dialog will be shown, select the required Team from the drop down.

Select the following menu items from the left of the Settings screen to customize the Dashboard.

Running Multiple DriveApps

When running multiple DriveApps that share the same database any global customizations made will apply to all DriveApps.

Customizations will need to be applied to each DriveApp if they have their own database.


By default, the appearance of the Dashboard DriveApp will be skinned with the DriveWorks logo and default DriveWorks color schemes.

Expand to see how to change appearances


All DriveApps are designed to be translatable.

The default language is English, but each DriveApp has the ability to translate the text used into your preferred language.

Expand to see how to set up languages

Edit Dashboards

Add, edit and delete Dashboards from this setting.

When loading the Edit Dashboard Settings for the first time, a list of default Dashboards is displayed.

The list includes a description of what each contains.

Expand to see how to edit Dashboards

Tile Background Creator

Create a Tile with a custom image.

Expand to see how to create tile backgrounds

KPI Settings

This displays a list of default KPIs.

Each has a description of what KPIs they will report.

The search bar located above the Table to the left, can be used to search the existing KPIs by name.

The KPIs can be filtered by Category using the Category drop down.

Expand to see how to change KPI settings

List Manager

A DriveApp List is a view of a table of data into which items can be added, edited or removed.

The Dashboard DriveApp uses Lists to allow administration of Teams and Users

The List Manager allows Lists to be applied that will be displayed on Dashboard Tiles.

Expand to see how to edit the List Manager

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