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DriveWorks Pro 22
Advanced Feature Parameters

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Advanced Feature Parameters

When capturing SOLIDWORKS features through the DriveWorks Add-in for SOLIDWORKS additional Advanced Feature Parameters have been added.

These include new Advanced Feature Parameters for the following feature types:

  • BossThinBaseThin
  • Chamfer
  • ChamferTransformed
  • CircularPattern
  • CurveDrivenPattern
  • CutExtrude
  • CutExtrudeThin
  • Draft
  • Fillet
  • LinearPattern
  • LocalLinearPattern
  • OffsetSurface
  • PartingLine
  • RevCut
  • RevCutThin
  • RevolvedBoss
  • RevolvedBossThin
  • Rib
  • RuledSurface
  • SimpleHole
  • SurfaceExtend
  • SurfaceExtrude
  • SurfaceRadiate
  • SurfaceRevolve
  • TableDrivenPattern
  • VarFillet
  • Wrap

Please see the topic Advanced Feature Parameters for information on how to capture Advanced Feature Parameters.

Please see the topic Model Rules Advanced Feature Rules - Overview for information on how to apply rules to Advanced Feature Parameters.

File Formats

The following new file formats can be captured for SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings:

  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics file
  • PSD - Adobe Photoshop file

The image above shows the full list of file formats that can be captured for a SOLIDWORKS part.