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How To: Manually Install A PowerPack (KB18102201)

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How To: Manually Install A PowerPack

Previously installed PowerPacks will automatically load when a newer version of DriveWorks is installed.

However there may be occasions where a PowerPack needs to be manually installed. These include:

  • PowerPack compiled for earlier versions of DriveWorks

    These are compiled into a .msi file and the contents require extracting to expose the .dll files required by the manual installer.

    Double click the .msi file to extract the required files.

    Files are extracted to C:\Program Files (x86)\DriveWorks\<PowerPack Name>.

    Once extracted follow the steps below.

  • Your own custom Plugins

Manually Install the PowerPack

PowerPacks and custom Plugins are required to be installed on each DriveWorks module in use.

Once the .msi file has been extracted:

  1. Click the Install... button at the bottom of the Plugin Settings window.

    To access the Plugin Settings dialog:

    • Click the Settings icon from the title Bar.
    • Select Plugin Settings from the Settings window.
    • Click the Install button at the bottom of the Plugin Settings list.
  2. Browse to the location of the .dll file for the required PowerPack.

    Select the .dll file inside the folder and click Open.

  3. In the DriveWorks Extension Library Installation window select:
    • Install For All Users (recommended)


    • Install For Current User

  4. The PowerPack will be loaded into DriveWorks.

    Click OK and then restart the DriveWorks module to allow the changes to take effect.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB18102201