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DriveWorks Pro 20
Info: Identify License Activation Codes (KB13022602)

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Info: Identify License Activation Codes

The DriveWorks Activation code consists of six blocks of five alpha-numeric characters.

The first two blocks identify which product the activation code belongs and the type and quantity of activations.

The remaining four blocks are a unique identifier linked to the company who has purchased the software through the DriveWorks licensing server.

Product Identification

The first block of the code identifies the product. The first three characters identify the DriveWorks module which the code should be activated against.

ADMDriveWorks Pro Administrator
USRDriveWorks Pro User
PLTDriveWorks Pro Autopilot
ONLDriveWorks Pro Live
SOLDriveWorks Solo

The next two characters identify the version number of the product.

Prior to DriveWorks 10 each version was prefixed with a V, for example V7, V8, V9.

From DriveWorks 10 and onwards, just the version number is shown, for example 14.

License Type

The first three characters of the second block of the code identifies the license type.

There are two license types available:

CodeLicense Type

Activation Count

The last two characters of the second block of the code identifies the number of activations allowed for the code.

01 equals one activation

02 equals two activations etc. etc.

For DriveWorks Pro Live licenses the number represents multiples of 10 simultaneous users. For example a count of 05 will allow a maximum of 50 simultaneous users.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13022602