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How To: License DriveWorks Live Using Environment Variables (KB19051401)

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How To: License DriveWorks Live Using Environment Variables

When running DriveWorks Live through IIS, Environment Variables can be used to hold the License Server address.

This allows DriveWorks Live to obtain a license without having to launch the application.

To add the required Environment Variable:

  1. In the Windows search bar enter - View advanced system settings, and launch the suggested Control Panel application.

  2. Click the Environment Variables button at the bottom of the Advanced tab.
  3. Select the New button under the type of Variable that is required:
    • A User variable will allow the currently logged on user to be licensed to use DriveWorks Live.
    • A System variable will allow anyone who logs onto the machine to be licensed to use DriveWorks Live.

  4. For the Variable Name enter:


    For the Variable value enter the name of the machine where the DriveWorks License Manager is installed and managing the DriveWorks Live licenses, for example:


    If the machine has a valid URL the URL can be used instead of a machine name.

    For example:


    However we do not recommend having the License Manager on a machine exposed to the entire internet.

If your DriveWorks Live site has already been added to IIS, and it is running, please restart the site for the above changes to take effect.

Please see How To: Configure DriveWorks Live For IIS for information on setting up IIS.