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DriveWorks V14 SP2 Information

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DriveWorks V14 SP2 Information

List Data

The fix implemented for DTI-16797 has resulted in a change in how list based controls (combo box, list box etc.) are evaluated during specification.

We recommend any controls that have dynamic list data (list data that changes on the result of other selections) is tested prior to going live.

Web Frame Control

Please note the Web Frame control runs in IE11 mode on all supported operating systems with the exception of Windows Server 2012, which will still run in IE7 compatibility mode.

This does not affect Windows Server 2012 R2 which uses IE11.

EULA Amendment

There has been an amendment to our end user license agreement, see section 3 on hosted environments in the EULA.

For more information the up to date EULA is available during installation and, once installed, can be found at:

[Installation Folder]\DriveWorks\[version number]\Eula.rtf


DriveWorks 14 SP2 fully supports SOLIDWORKS 2017

Internet Explorer 9 Support

Microsoft have recently stopped the support of Internet Explorer 9.

As a result DriveWorks Live no longer supports the use of this version.

Internet Explorer 10 Support

DriveWorks 14 is the last major version to support Internet Explorer 10.

Windows Server 2012 Support

DriveWorks 14 is the last major version to support Windows Server 2012.