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Info: Web Theme And Application Theme For DriveWorks 21 (KB23080101)

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Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB23080101
Last Updated:December 2023

Info: Web Theme And Application Theme For DriveWorks 21

DriveWorks 21 SP1

Web Theme

The Web Theme is available in DriveWorks 21 SP1.

This is fully compatible with the Forms technology implemented in DriveWorks 21 SP0.

Implementations, upgraded to DriveWorks 21 SP1, may see slight visual and style changes as well as enhancements inherited from adopting this technology.

Please see Web-Based Form Technology for more information.

Application Theme

If you are interested in using the Application Theme please contact suggest@driveworks.co.uk.

DriveWorks 21 SP0

DriveWorks 21 delivers a significant update to DriveWorks' Forms Technology.

This has been a major body of work for our Development Team, re-architecting the underlying code. We of course wanted to maintain the quality you expect from us.

To get DriveWorks 21 SP0 into your hands now, we have prioritized the Integration Theme over the Web Theme and the Application Theme. This means the Web Theme and the Application Theme are missing in DriveWorks Live in DriveWorks 21 SP0. This also affects Personal Web Edition in DriveWorks Administrator and DriveWorks User.

We introduced the Integration Theme in DriveWorks 17, and it has rapidly become the method of choice for the majority of our customers when deploying their configurators in a browser. It is more flexible, more performant, and more scalable than the Web or Application Themes.

If you already use the Web or Application Theme and would like to test out the new Form technology in DriveWorks 21 SP0, you can create new Projects using the Integration Theme. Use your new DriveWorks 21 license codes to set up these Projects in a separate environment, without impacting your configurators in production.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of the Integration Theme with other DriveWorks users, the DriveWorks Forum (requires a community login) is the ideal place.

We are continuing to work very hard on releasing the Web Theme and Application Theme in the near future. We expect to release the Web Theme in DriveWorks 21 SP1, and the Application Theme soon after.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy all the new features and functionality added in DriveWorks 21.

We have already hosted What's New in DriveWorks 21 sessions, you can watch them back in the DriveWorks Learning Portal (requires a community login). We're also hosting Tech Talks sessions focusing on new features over the coming months, register here (requires a community login) to join us.

As ever, we encourage you to submit suggestions for future enhancements. These can be sent to suggest@driveworks.co.uk

Thank you,

DriveWorks Team

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB23080101