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DriveWorks Pro 21
Web Frame

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Web Frame

The Web Frame control provides a frame that allows external web content, such as .pdf files and static web pages, to be rendered onto a user form.

When a DriveWorks form refreshes, the browser may reload the web page.

Reloading can occur when (for example):

  • Form control values change
  • Manually refreshing (hitting the F5 key)
  • Re-orientating a tablet

This will cause unexpected behavior such as:

  • Browsing to a different page within the control will reload the current value for the URL property.
  • Videos being played within the Web Frame control will re-start.

Web Frame Properties

The table below is a list of all properties available for the check box.

Appearance PropertiesBehavior Properties
Background ColorEnabled
Error Result
Tab Index
General PropertiesLayout Properties
The following items should be noted when using this control:
  • This control does not have a caption. Consider adding a label control if a caption is required.
  • The tooltip property is not supported for this control.
  • The Z order of a Web Control is ignored when running a specification in DriveWorks Administrator or User. The Web control will always appear in front of any other control placed on top of it. However when running a specification in a browser (using DriveWorks Live) the Z order is honoured.

A user form control that allows external web content to be rendered onto a user form.