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How To: Upgrade the DriveWorks Live Web Theme (KB14022801)

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Upgrading the DriveWorks Live Web Theme from Prior Versions

DriveWorks 21 SP0

DriveWorks 21 delivers a major update to DriveWorks' Forms Technology.

This has been a major body of work for our Development Team, re-architecting the underlying code. We of course wanted to maintain the quality you expect from us.

To get DriveWorks 21 SP0 into your hands now, we have prioritized the Integration Theme over the Web Theme and the Application Theme. This means the Web Theme and Application Theme are missing from DriveWorks 21 SP0.

We are continuing to work very hard on releasing the Web Theme and Application Theme in the near future, for more information, please check our knowledge base article: Info: Web Theme And Application Theme For DriveWorks 21.

Before upgrading please take a backup of your existing DriveWorks Live theme folder.

Any modifications made to existing files can then be replicated in the new Theme structure.

Minor Version Upgrade

When installing a new minor version (for example upgrading from SP0 to SP1), all system files will be updated.

Any customizations copied into the custom folder (C:\ProgramData\DriveWorks\<Version>\Live\Themes\Web\content\custom) will remain as they were.

Major Version Upgrade

When installing a new major version (for example upgrading from DriveWorks 20 SP3 to DriveWorks 21 SP0), a new folder will be installed.

Any customizations made in the previous version custom folder:

C:\ProgramData\DriveWorks\<OLD Version>\Live\Themes\Web\content\custom

Should be copied to the new version custom folder:

C:\ProgramData\DriveWorks\<New Major Version>\Live\Themes\Web\content\custom

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB14022801