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DriveWorks Pro 22
SYSPRO PowerPack

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DriveWorks Labs PowerPacks can be updated more often than the main release.

Please consult the Online Help File for the most up to date information and functionality.

SYSPRO PowerPack

The SYSPRO PowerPack allows DriveWorks to integrate with SYSPRO ERP Business Software for Manufacturing.

The PowerPack works with SYSPRO v7 and v8.

The PowerPack is required to be installed and set up on each machine that has access to the Project(s) that integrate with SYSPRO.

The SYSPRO PowerPack allows data to be read directly from the SYSPRO database. Data can also be written back to the SYSPRO database.

When it comes to passing data back to the system there are two methods:

  • The business objects that SYSPRO provides can be used to push the data directly into the SYSPRO system.
  • DriveWorks can create XML file outputs so that SYSPRO data switch can process these as a separate entity.

These methods can be used individually or combined to suit the needs of the integration.


DriveWorks and SolidWorks should be closed while installing the plug-in.

Double click the DriveWorks-SYSPROPowerPack-[version number].msi file to begin the installation process.

Once installed the plug-in is automatically loaded in DriveWorks.


The plug-in is uninstalled from Windows Programs and Features, and will be listed as DriveWorks SYSPRO PowerPack [version number].

DriveWorks should be closed and restarted once the plug-in has been uninstalled to remove it from the plug-in list in the DriveWorks settings.

Using the SYSPRO PowerPack

Once installed the DriveWorks SYSPRO PowerPack will be listed in the Plugin Settings.

To enable connection to SYSPRO, settings must be applied.

  1. Select the DriveWorks SYSPRO PowerPack from the Application Plugins section of the Plugin Settings dialog.
  2. Click the Settings button at the bottom of the Plugin Settings dialog.


Connection String

The connection string to the SYSPRO web services.


The username of the user logging in.


The password for the username logging into SYSPRO.

Company Name

Holds the company number.

Company Password

Holds the company password.

XML Location

The location at which DriveWorks will output XML files to be used by SYSPRO data switch if this is the desired method.

Connection Method

Setting ValueConnection Method Type


The following functions are added with the PowerPack and are available from the Rule Builder:

Specification Tasks

The following tasks are added with the PowerPack and are available from Specification Macros or Specification Flow: