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DriveWorks Pro 22
Enable Animations

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Enable Animations

The Enable Animations property determines if the 3D Preview control is to include the animations toolbar.

Property Type: Fixed

Default Value: False

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.EnableMenu

The animations toolbar appears in the bottom right of the 3D Preview Control during a specification.

When clicked the full toolbar is displayed.

The toolbar allows a user to select one of the predefined views for the 3D Preview to animate to. The predefined views available are:

  • Bottom
  • Top
  • Left
  • Back
  • Right
  • Front
  • Isometric
  • Play - Animates through all of the predefined views.

The views are based on the origin of the 3D model displayed in the control.

To Change the Default Value

The default value of the property can be changed by selecting the required value from the property field.

  1. Click in the property for the control to be changed.
  2. Select the required value from the drop down.


Enable Animations Property ValueResult
FalseWill not display the animations toolbar in the control.
TrueWill display the animations toolbar in the control.

Versions Prior To DriveWorks 21

The Animations menu will not be displayed when the following property values of the 3D Preview Control are set:

Border Style ValueHeight Value
None< 270
SingleLine< 272
Inset3D< 274

DriveWorks 21 and onwards

The Animations menu will display for all sizes when this property is set to True.

Form Design

A type of control property where the value can only be set in the Form Designer (not by a rule).