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Connectors are methods of connecting to DriveWorks to automate the creation of DriveWorks Specifications.

There are three ways this can be accomplished

  • Database Connector - DriveWorks continuously observes a table in a database and creates specifications from rows with specific values.
  • Web Service Connector - DriveWorks hosts a Web Service that can be used to create specifications from local or remote Web Services clients.
  • Folder Watcher - DriveWorks periodically scans a specific folder for files to drive specifications with.
Multiple Autopilot Machines

Connectors can be enabled on the current machine. When multiple DriveWorks Autopilot machines are in use each machine can have a specific connector enabled.

About Connectors

Connectors send information into Constants or Controls of a specification by name. Connectors will observe the following behavior when driving data into a specification:

  • If the constant name is found with the same name as the name of the value being applied, then the constant will be driven.
  • If there is a control with the same name as the constant, the control will NOT have its value set.
  • If however there is no constant with that name, but there is a control with that name, the controls value will be set.

Add a New Connector

A new connector can be added by:

  1. Launch DriveWorks Autopilot and Login to the Group the connector is to be added to.
  2. Select Connectors from the DriveWorks Autopilot Task Explorer.

  3. Click the New button to add a new Connector.

  4. Enter a Name for the new Connector, select the Connector Type and click Finish.

  5. Continue through the wizard to set up the connector by following the steps from the connector type below:


Select the Connector from the Connectors list and click the Rename button.

The Name field will become enabled, allowing the existing name to be edited.


Select the Connector from the Connectors list and click the Delete button.

A DriveWorks Connectors dialog will appear allowing confirmation of the action. Click OK to confirm.

Toggle Enabled State

A Connector must be enabled to allow it to run once DriveWorks Autopilot is started.

Select the Connector from the Connectors list and click the Toggle Enabled State button.

The Is Enabled field will display Yes.

Repeat the above to toggle the Is Enabled field to display No.


The applied setting(s) for a Connector are modified from the Edit window.

Select the Connector from the Connectors list and click the Edit button.

The Edit window will be shown, allowing the appropriate settings to be modified.

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