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DriveWorks V18 SP2 Information

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DriveWorks V18 SP2 Information


SOLIDWORKS 2021 is fully supported with DriveWorks 18 SP2.

CPQ DriveApp

The CPQ DriveApp is now out of the Beta phase and fully released.

As such some minor updates have been made that requires the information held in the DriveWorks Group to be updated.

Please see Upgrading a CPQ DriveApp From Beta for more information.

DriveWorks Pro Server Displays Previous Version Number After Upgrade

When a Group has been upgraded from version 18.1 to 18.2 the version number, displayed in DriveWorks Pro Server (Groups), will display 18.1.

This is by design as the version number displayed is the database schema version of the Group.

DriveWorks 18.1 was the last version that changed the database schema.

The schema has not changed for DriveWorks 18.2