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TinyMCE Control

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TinyMCE Control

The TinyMCE Control displays a rich text editor on a User Form for textual input that supports image upload.

Image showing an example of the TinyMCE Control on a user form

This allows detailed notes or comments, along with accompanying links and images, to be written from a Specification.

This control has many uses, including:

Return Result

The result of any data entered in the Control is written to the Text Property.

This can be referenced in a rule using <ControlName>Return.

The result is formatted HTML.

For example text written and formatted in the TinyMCE control could return the following HTML:

<p>When delivering &lt;item&gt; please contact <strong>reception</strong>.</p>

Any characters that can be misinterpreted in HTML are automatically escaped.

From the above example &lt;item&gt; is rendered as <item> in the control and in any browser.


Appearance - Text

  • Canvas Text Color

    The default text color for the canvas. This is not saved in the HTML output from this control.


  • Byte Limit

    The max input limit in bytes. Limits everything, including characters, HTML entities and images.

  • Character Limit

    Limits the number of characters that can be entered in the control. If set to 0, any number of characters can be entered.

  • Default Value

    Controls the default value of the control. If the default value is based on a rule and the value changes, then the value of the control will be changed to be the new default value.

  • Duplicate File Upload Behavior

    Determines how duplicate uploaded files should be handled.

  • Editor Mode

    Determines the UI/UX of the TlnyMCE control.

  • Enable Upload

    Controls whether upload is enabled (TRUE) or disabled (FALSE).

  • Enabled

    Controls whether the control is enabled (if the result is TRUE) or disabled (if the result is anything other than TRUE, e.g. FALSE).

  • Error Result

    Determines whether the value of the control is in error. The result of this rule is a string containing the error message if the value is in error, otherwise a blank string or the number zero.

  • HTML

    Specifies the HTML shown in the control.

  • Language Pack Path

    An Absolute path, or path relative to the project file, or the language pack to use.

  • On Upload Complete Macro

    The name of the macro to call when uploading of a file is complete. The macro's argument will be the name of this control.

  • Placeholder Text

    Specifies the placeholder text to display in the control when it is empty. If no value is provided, no placeholder text will be shown.

  • Tab Index

    Configures the position of the control in the form tab order.

  • Upload Directory Path

    The directory path to use for uploaded files. It is possible to use prefixes such as <Project>

  • Upload Disabled Message

    Error message text shown when the image upload is disabled and users attempt to upload an image.

  • Upload File Extension Filter

    The limit on the size of the image that can be uploaded. The units can be specified, or bytes will be assumed.

  • Upload File Size Limit

    The filter to use when picking an image to upload. E.g. png|jpg

  • Visible

    Determines whether the control is visible (TRUE) or hidden (FALSE).


  • (Metadata)

    Optional text which can be used to provide information belonging to or about a control. For example, a list of CSS classes which can be parsed and applied to the control using the Integration Theme in DriveWorks Live. This doesn't affect the control's behavior.

  • (Name)

    The name of the control

  • (Tag)

    Optional text which can be used to describe the control, but which doesn't affect the control's behavior.

  • Tooltip Duration

    Controls the duration, in seconds, for which the tooltip will remain visible. Values of 0 and below indicate an infinite duration.

  • Tooltip Text

    Specifies the text to display in a tooltip when hovering over the control.


  • Height

    Controls the height of the control.

  • Left

    Controls the left position of the control.

  • Top

    Controls the top position of the control.

  • Width

    Controls the width of the control.