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DriveWorks Pro 22
Anti Aliasing

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Anti Aliasing

This camera effect will smooth lines that appear jagged in the model.

Image comparing Anti Aliasing Off and On

The image above compares the effects of having no Anti Aliasing (left) and using Balanced Anti Aliasing on a model that is set against a textured background.

Enable Anti Aliasing

Follow the steps below to enable Anti Aliasing.

  1. In the DriveWorks 3D document select the Environment node.
  2. From the parameter panel, scroll to the Camera Effects group and select the required method from the Anti Aliasing drop down.

The available options provide differing levels of smoothing that will impact the render time.

How much this affects performance depends on the complexity of the scene being rendered.

The available Anti Aliasing options are:

  • None

    No Anti-Aliasing will be applied to the 3D preview.

  • Performance

    Performance Anti-Aliasing uses the FXAA algorithm to apply fast Anti-Aliasing, however this can cause blur and distortion to your image.

  • Balanced

    Balanced Anti-Aliasing uses the SMAA algorithm to reduce jagged edges without compromising the image quality.

  • Quality

    Quality Anti-Aliasing uses the SMAA algorithm combined with multi-frame blending to reduce jagged edges, and enhance visibility of small or thin geometry.